DJ Krust: Finding Your Creative Drive and Passion

DJ Krust

Posi caught up with Bristol Drum and Bass veteran DJ Krust. Krust is an important player in and around the height of the Bristol music scene in the early nighties. Establishing the scene amongst names like Roni Size, Massive Attack and Tricky.

After over a decade of contributions to the Bristol scene and inspiring the next generation of music makers and artists alike, Krust moved on to exploring a world beyond music. A new direction which now sees him as a mentor and a teacher using the creative tools he’d learnt and discovered as a young artists to empower more artists to reach for their creative potentials.

Krust isn’t one to shy away from having deep conversations and in all honesty just being real. His gradual return to music will show that as he’s now working on dropping some new productions which he hasn’t done in over 10 years.

In this chat Posi and DJ Krust speak about how to find your creative passion and establish yourself as a creative in today’s world.

To find out more about DJ Krust check him out on his new video series exploring ideas of finding yourself and going against the grain of the systematic obstacles at play:

Disruptive Patterns